NovaBench 4.0

NovaBench 2.0 is a free benchmark program for Microsoft Windows

NovaBench 2.0 is a free benchmark program for Microsoft Windows.
This program lets you perform extensive CPU speed tests, multi-threaded tests for multiple cores/processors, hardware accelerated graphics tests, hard drive write speed test and CPU temperature monitor.

NovaBench has a tabbed interface for benchmark results.

When you run the program, it will display on the bottom of the window the processor, RAM and graphics adapter in your system.

By clicking on the "Start Benchmark Tests" button the program will begin to check your system.

Once it runs all the tests, it displays your system´s overall score. Your system will get point for each component, such as CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, etc.

You will be offered to compare your system´s score online against other users´ systems.

The program´s webpage will create an image with your benchmark results, and will give you the URL of this image. This way, you can use that image as a signature in blogs, or in your own site.

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